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Chicken Berry Pulao

The rice bowl of modern world emerged from Persia, which actually gave us the recipe for cooking with rice, be it the paella of Spain, Pilaf of Persia or the Biriyani from the Mughals. This one pot meal over time became very famous and today is an household dishes across the country. Biriyani is the most ordered menu for home delivery in India as per statistics. Amazing!!

There is many theory on the origination and history of Pilaf or Pulao, but this dish definitely brings the food culture of Persia and was made famous by Boman Kohinoor, owner of Britannia and Company Restaurant at Ballard Estate. It was actually introduced by Bachan Kohinoor, late wife of Boman Kohinoor, the legacy still continues and you cannot have a Parsi menu without a Berry Pulao or Salt Boti or Patrani Macchi or a Keema Pav on their menu.

Today’s cook Chicken Berry Pulao with fresh cucumber onion raita and a coriander garlic salsa verde, was inspired by the above story and the love for Parsi food.

Took some tips and tricks from Chef Ranveer Brar You Tube channel who actually simplified the recipe to cook at home without complicated ingredients. Pictures shot on Canon 6D Mark II by #arghayaphotography

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